Mini Golf Saga

Embark on an immersive golfing journey with Mini Golf Saga, an enchanting 3D mini-golf experience set amidst the stunning backdrop of a picturesque beach. With its captivating gameplay and diverse levels, precision is paramount as you strive to achieve the lowest hit count for the highest score possible.

Navigate through a myriad of challenging courses, each requiring strategic planning and skillful execution to conquer. With a limited number of hits allotted per level, every shot must be calculated and precise. Choose your angles wisely, factor in obstacles, and master the art of the perfect putt to reign victorious.

Should you find yourself in need of an extra chance to continue your sun-soaked golfing adventure, fear not. Simply indulge in a brief video advertisement to replenish your hits and prolong the excitement of the saga.


Play with mouse.

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